Foot Massager (RENPHO)

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✔️ Shiatsu foot massage

✔️ First-class humanized design

✔️ 15-minute auto shut-off function

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The heated Shiatsu foot massage has a removable, breathable 3D mesh cover.

Widely used for massage devices of different sizes
Extra large massage platform, unlimited massage room, suitable for different foot sizes; even with a foot size of up to 48. The Renpho foot massager not only massages the heel, toes and thumbs, but can also be placed on the lower leg. Let your feet and lower legs enjoy a massage

Deep kneading foot massage device
6 massage heads with 18 rotating massage units, programmed for 2 massage speeds, help with stiff muscles and heels. Please put your foot between the towel and the massager if the massage is too sensitive

First-class humanized design for Shiatsu foot massage only
With 3 individual function controls, you can select a more comfortable heating and massage speed, an ergonomically adjustable base that makes it easier to massage your feet.

15-minute automatic shut-off function for safety
Renpho is known for the highest quality products. Good for home and office use

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