Exfoliator (ANLAN)

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✔️ Peeling function

✔️ Removes dead skin

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The exfoliator removes dead facial skin with ultrasound. 24,000 ultrasonic waves per second are converted into vibration. This technique allows it to penetrate deep layers of the skin. Through controlled mechanical removal of superficial skin layers, it is an effective way to cleanse the skin of dirt, pigments and small wrinkles.

The exfoliating function cleanses and stimulates at the same time. The lymphatic circulation is stimulated and the skin has more efficient circulation, residues are gently removed. It reduces the first wrinkles and removes blemishes. The skin becomes smoother and younger.

The muscles are located just under the skin. In the aging process, muscle mass is lost first and the effect on the skin is immediately visible. To combat this process, EMS activates nerve fibers in the facial muscles using electrical impulses. This facial training restores contours and promotes tissue elasticity, resulting in younger and firmer skin

Product dimensions 17.02 x 4.32 x 1.02 cm
Weight: 119 g

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