Exfoliator (COSBEAUTY)

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✔️ Cleanses pores, dead skin and other dirt deep in the skin

✔️ Waterproof and ergonomic design

✔️ 4 adjustable modes

✔️ Ultrasonic peeling device

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With a high vibration frequency of 28,000 Hz, the Cosbeauty Exfoliator can deepen your face. Clean pores, dead skin and other dirt deep in the skin with a soft and safe technology.

IPX6 waterproof and ergonomic design
It is waterproof and can be used in the bathroom. The spatula has a 165 ° angle that adapts to the facial skin and conforms to the grip and is easier to use.

4 adjustable modes – [Exfoliating L / H] Vibration frequency can penetrate deep into skin tissues, effectively removing blackheads, exfoliation and deep cleansing. The cleaning force of Peeling L is 60% of H. [Clean] Generate Ionen + to clean dirt from deep layers of skin. [Moist] Generates ions to support nutrient absorption. [Lift] Stimulate muscles through microflow massage with EMS.

The COSBEAUTY ultrasonic peeler is equipped with a wireless charging station for convenient charging and an elegant screen. It has a time function and switches off automatically if it has not been used for 10 minutes.

Unlike other ultrasonic exfoliators, the COSBEAUTY exfoliator is made of a metal silver base, matte UV, to achieve a matte metal effect that makes it a quality product with a comfortable feel and luxury and elegance in use.

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