Eye Massager (RENPHO)

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Effectively relieves your tension and pain

Maximum comfort

Built-in speakers

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Innovative eye massager with heat function and air pressure: The Renpho eye massage device acts as a gentle pressure massage at various acupuncture points. The strength of the air pressure can be changed while the temperature is set at 40-42 ℃. Heat compression improves blood circulation around the eyes and has a positive effect on dark circles, bags and chronic headaches.

An eye massager effectively relieves your tension and pain after a hard day. By stimulating various acupuncture points, the entire eye area recovers. A gentle massage with pleasant warmth and beautiful background music is the ideal conditions for effective relaxation and good sleep.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB port for maximum convenience. The device is easy to assemble and therefore very convenient. You can take it anywhere, perfect for the office, on the plane or on a trip. The elastic band fits any head circumference and is easy to adjust.

Enjoy music via Bluetooth. The device has built-in speakers with recorded natural melodies. You can even connect to your device via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite music during a massage. Music reduces pain and stress.

The perfect Christmas gift for men, women, parents and friends.

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