Massage pillow (MAGICMAKERS)

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✔️ Helps reduce muscle pain and emotional tension.
✔️ Stimulates blood circulation.
✔️ Activates adipose tissue circulation.
✔️ Together supports the endocrine and nervous systems.

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8 powerful 3-dimensional Shiatsu massage units help you relieve stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation and muscle aches and improve your mood. The MagicMakers Massager is more than just for you, we have developed a multifunctional back massage cover for a softer massage

The ergonomic and compact massage pillow is perfect for your neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders, waist, lower legs, feet, legs and arms to give you the massage you expect. Warm heating with heating and non-heating settings will help you feel relaxed and relieve pain better.

The built-in two-way neck massage device mimics the movement of a personal massage experience. Shiatsu massager turns automatically every minute for better distribution of massage effects and more thorough care

Overheat protection, comes with an adapter that can work with both 110V and 240V and an adapter for the car. The portable design provides you with a relaxing massage at home, in the office and even in the car. It also comes with an ultra-elastic velcro shoulder strap that fits most chairs

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