Eye Massager (Breo iSee4)

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✔️ Helps reduce headaches and emotional stress.
✔️ Relaxes facial muscles.
✔️ Supports endocrine and nervous system function.
✔️ Helps reduce puffiness, small wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.
✔️ Especially suitable for people who spend a lot of time behind the monitor.

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This breo frame ensures good blood circulation to the eye with infrared thermal melting technology and intelligent pneumatic pressure, relieves painful eyes and reduces dark circles.

This massager has 3 massage modes that can be changed with one button. It has an LCD screen that shows the massage mode and duration. Therefore, the operation is very simple and does not require special knowledge.

Along with vibration and relaxing natural sounds, the mask works in case of visual fatigue, physical tension and mental stress. It has a lithium battery for fast charging and lasts for approx. 8 days.

An elegant masseuse is a thoughtful gift idea for the whole family, your colleagues and friends. Adjustable elastic strap allows you to adapt to all face shapes. After the massage with Breo iSee4 you will feel good.

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