Eyebrow epilator (VG VOGCREST)

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✔️ Gentle and painless

✔️ Efficiency and accuracy

✔️ Optimal flexibility and comfort

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Gentle and painless
2-in-1 beauty-light hair remover is suitable for everyday use to keep pace with hair growth and keep skin supple. It is specially designed for use on the eyebrows, upper and lower lips, nose, cheeks, chin and neck.

Efficiency and accuracy
It has been shown to be safe for all women with hypoallergenic skin. Finally, you can say goodbye to the bulges and chicken skin that come from regular shaving and plucking. No notches, cuts or irritation, it removes unwanted hair gently without pulling and is 100% painless

Optimal flexibility and comfort
The eyebrow epilator is an eyebrow shaver for women that does not pull the hair out of the roots, but reaches so close to the skin without irritating it.

Advanced USB rechargeable with LED lighting
Its perfect design and built-in LED light allow you to monitor every curvature of your body and ensure that you don’t get caught in any hair, it makes the process versatile everywhere and makes your make-up smoother

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