Massage pillow (RENPHO)

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✔️ Helps reduce muscle pain and emotional tension.
✔️ Stimulates blood circulation.
✔️ Activates adipose tissue circulation.
✔️ Together supports the endocrine and nervous systems.

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Deep heat shiatsu massage. The Shiatsu massage cushion has 4 specially designed deep-kneading massage heads. They can successfully help relax muscles and relieve pain. The switchable heating function is easy to switch on or off, so you can enjoy a cool or warm massage according to your preferences.

Thanks to the handy remote control, the massage cushion is easier and more comfortable to use compared to other devices. You do not have to turn around during the massage to press the buttons or change the settings. It offers a lot of comfort and a better massage experience.

The massage cushion has two speeds, a gentler massage is available for the elderly. The direction of the massage can be changed as desired.

The elastic Velcro strap on the back of the massage cushion can be easily attached to the chair and can be adjusted to suit the chairs. The device is ideal for home or office.

A great gift for your parents, friends or the elderly who are suffering from muscle, joint or other body aches. Gifts for your whole family like birthdays, Christmas and holidays. Shiatsu massage pillow, a practical item for the family and a great gift for yourself!

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