Massage gun (FITPULSE)

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In order not to make the muscles feel very sensitive in sports, it could be used before and after training, and the massage does not have to take much time – a few minutes of exercise is enough for the muscles and you do not have to stretch later and the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

The massage gun helps to release lactic acid from the muscles and supplies the muscles with oxygen and nutrients for faster recovery. It also stretches the muscles slightly to make them more elastic, relaxed and mobile.

Studies have also shown that percussion therapy with a massage gun significantly reduces muscle pain after exercise.

The handy massage gun fits perfectly in a sports bag and does not take up much space.

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INCLUDES 17 MASSAGE HEADS + 2 MASSAGE BALLS: a tool that massages every muscle in the body, promotes blood circulation and helps speed up both warming and recovery. The set also includes a case that makes it easy to store and transport.

2550 mAh fast charge and durable battery – the deep tissue massage gun is equipped with a 1 A / 25.2 V adapter, which means it charges quickly. The 2550 mAh battery means that the brushless torque motor of this massager can be used continuously for 6 hours.

30 adjustable speed settings: our hand massage device offers 30 different speed settings up to 3200 rpm. Whether it’s a post-workout muscle relaxation or a daily body massage – you can easily find the right amplitude for you.

Quiet and convenient: this muscle massager uses the latest noise reduction technology. Even at maximum speed, the muscle massage gun does not exceed 60 dB. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this product is also comfortable and easy to use.

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