Mini massage gun (Vandelay)

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Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

Impact therapy with a massage gun is primarily used to relax tense muscles and relieve muscle pain and injury. The massage device also has a good effect on muscle recovery and reduces the risk of injury.

Improves flexibility, range of motion and muscle function

In addition to the physical effects, percussion therapy also helps to balance hormones, reduces stress hormones, releases endorphins and thus creates a better mood.

Awakens the body and makes the muscles active

For many people, a massage gun is an important part of their morning routine. By stimulating blood circulation, it awakens your muscles and body so that you can start the day faster.

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The Vandelay massage gun has a unique ergonomic design that allows maximum and easy access to all parts of the body. The engine ensures that it runs efficiently for years and is very quiet.

6 interchangeable heads – for different applications on the body. Small flat head (general), small round head (joints), U-head (vertebrae), ball head (large muscle groups), sacrum head (treatment massage) and concave head (thigh, lower leg and wrist muscles). This allows certain muscle groups to be massaged throughout the body. Ideal for shoulders, neck, back, legs, arms and more.

High intensity – The Vandelay massage gun has 3 gears – slow (2100 rpm), medium (2700 rpm) and fast (3100 rpm) to meet the needs of the users. Pay attention to the speed and intensity settings LED. To turn it off, press and hold for 3 seconds.

The wireless massager can be charged with a C-type USB charger (5V 2A) and its massive 4800 mAh battery lasts 4-6 hours. Charging time is only 3.5 hours. It also has a blocked motor protection – if the motor is blocked, the motor will stop rotating and you will have to hold down the button for 3 seconds to restart the device.

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