Neck Massager (ALKAI)

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✔️ Helps reduce neck pain.
✔️ Relaxes the neck muscles.
✔️ Reduces tension in the body.
✔️ Especially suitable for people who do sedentary work (such as computer work).

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Dual control application and buttons: Make sure you have downloaded the latest version v1.4 of the application. The ALKAI neck massage device can be easily controlled from your mobile phone by simply connecting it via Bluetooth.

The ALKAI body of the heat neck massager is made of ultra-soft one-piece silicone with a unique individual U-shape, which makes it more comfortable for people of all sizes. The four separate small electrodes also adapt better to the neck than a standard 3- or 2-piece design.

Advanced functionality: 6 neck massage modes, 16 intensity levels, 3 temperature levels (high: 40 ° C, medium: 38 ° C, low: 36 ° C). It is ideal for all kinds of people, be it office workers, housewives, drivers, etc.

With the included charging cable, you can charge your neck massager anytime, anywhere from your computer, socket or even car. We recommend that you do not work continuously for more than 30 minutes during a single session. The battery can last up to 7 days or more (15 minutes a day) when fully charged.

The perfect choice for a gift: the flexible and lightweight design of the neck massager, which weighs only 140 g, makes it easy to carry. Easy to use when traveling, at home or in the office. Ideal birthday gift for men or women.

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