Hand Massager (COMFIER 2.0)

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✔️ Helps reduce pain in the hands.
✔️ Relaxes hands.
✔️ Promotes blood circulation.
✔️ Provides relief.
✔️ Prevents aging of the skin of the hands.

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A comfortable heat hand massage device absorbs every part of your hand with a powerful compression massage to provide deep relaxation. The hand massage device helps to relieve arthritis and the carpal tunnel, numbness of the fingers after manual work such as printing, playing the instrument, etc.

The Comfier hand massage device provides rhythmic pressure to massage the entire hand from the fingers to the palms and wrists. The electric arthritis hand massage device has 3 massage modes and 3 intensity levels.

The wrist massage device offers a gentle hot massage to prevent heat and moisture from the hands, prevent dryness and relieve finger pain and numbness and cold. It usually takes 2-3 minutes before you feel an obvious change in heat.

The Comfier wireless hand massage device is equipped with a lithium battery that can be charged via a USB cable. Convenient and portable hand massage for enjoying at home, office or on the go. Easy to operate via the button control panel to customize the personal hand massage mode.

The Comfier compression massage device is suitable for women or men to relax their hands. The perfect healthy Mother’s Day gift for Mom or Dad. Easy to operate with buttons and convenient to take anywhere.

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