Neck Massager (Mroobest)

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✔️ Helps reduce neck pain.
✔️ Relaxes the neck muscles.
✔️ Reduces tension in the body.
✔️ Especially suitable for people who do sedentary work (such as computer work).

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The massager is a “U” machine designed according to human body technology, aesthetics and neck curve design. This type of design brings the massager closer to the neck for a better massage.

Smart neck massage device: an innovative electronic neck massage that is different from regular massagers. Helps with neck pain, shoulder fatigue, body tension, improves sleep quality and promotes blood circulation.

Multiple massage modes. The electric neck massager has 6 pulse modes and 15 intensity settings. You can choose the most suitable mode to reduce muscle pain or tension. It is preset to turn off automatically for 15 minutes.

Portable and modern design: the wireless head massage device with a unique headphone style fits any size neck. It is portable and light, ideal for home, office and car use.

This massager uses low frequency pulse therapy. When you use it for the first time, you may feel an electric shock, which is normal. Different people have different feelings. Please read the instructions carefully before use. Tip: Do not place pacemakers or wear metal in your body. Be sure to wipe your neck with a damp towel before use.

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